Recent reviews of concerts and recordings:


'Faye's ability to run around with divisions (though that is too four-square a term) is amazing, each note sounding clear but not exaggerated  and with the emotional content of the phrase enhanced by the embellishment, which went beyond mere virtuosity.' (Early Music Review, 2012)

'Faye Newton's clear and powerful voice combined instrumental precision in florid passages with a  lyrical sense of line. (Early Music today)

 ..the seductively expressive voice of Faye Newton. (Early Music review)

Faye Newton's bright but varied delivery and well-projected wit made each of her contributions a delight. (The Times)

...a disarmingly charming voice. (International Record Review)

Faye Newton's pure, vibrato-light soprano suggests Emma Kirkby with rouged cheeks! (The Times)

'Faye Newton Characterises the wide-ranging, rhapsodic melodic lines so as to evoke both unbearable pain and despair and brief moments of joy.' (The Telegraph)

'Newton is fresh voiced and immediate.' (Early Music) 

'Faye Newton sings delightfully.' (Gramophone)

'Faye Newton sings with lissom tone and perfect diction' (Classic FM Magazine)